Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Somebody and the 3 Bears, Marilyn Tohurst

Somebody and the 3 Blairs is a fun new twist on the classic tale of Goldilocks the 3 bears. Rather than Goldilocks visiting the bears, a little bear named "Somebody" comes to visit the Blair family while they visit the park. During his visit he makes a huge mess in the kitchen, breaks baby Blair's chair, turns the bathroom into a lake and chooses baby Blair's bed to take a nap. When the Blair's return home and they are in shocked to find their house turned upside down. The biggest surprise is finding "Somebody" in baby Blair's bed. While the Blair's decide who to call, "Somebody" sneaks out the window.

Can you guess what attracted me to this book? For those of you who do not catch the connection, my first name is Blair!
Rarely do I hear others that I share this name with and usually they are guys or a last name. :-)

The first time I ever read this book was to our second daughter, Sarah Elizabeth when she was very small. Somebody and the 3 Blairs was an instant hit. Many a bedtime was spent sharing this book with my daughters. A each child thereafter fell in love as well. We have gone through several copies because they have been loved so much. Somebody and the 3 Blair's illustration are charming. The book does not stray far from the original story but is silly enough to make any young child laugh.
See you on the couch~

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