Friday, April 8, 2011

Goldie Locks and the Three Bears, James Marshall

A classic favorite. At one point, this was the ONLY book I was allowed to read to my son! It does not matter the version of the story or the book now in general but by far James Marshall's book is his favorite. The illustrations are funny and not too bright or busy.

I love how James Marshall portrays Goldilocks. She was not the curious child that ended up wandering to the Bears home. Instead, her reputation preceded her! When a new villager makes the statement, "What a lovely child." A village sets him straight by commenting, " That's what you think!" Goldilocks is a misbehaving, rude little girl with no manners! Little bear is so over dramatic. He makes me laugh.

James Marshall has several other favorite classic books. We love them all. Here are links for biographical information or a list of books written and or illustrated by James Marshall.

See you on the couch!

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