Monday, April 18, 2011

More Spaghetti, I Say! Rita Golden Gelman

Wacky, wild, and absurd! A little monkey named Minnie can’t get enough spaghetti. Her friend Freddy, wants her to stop eating and play.  But once Freddy takes a bite of spaghetti......
It’s guaranteed to make children giggle.

There are many wonderful things with this book. It is an easy to read level 2, Joseph's favorite food next to pizza, is spaghetti, and it is a sure fire laugh out loud book. The rhyming story and colorful illustration make it a low to medium sensory book.

A few links I have found. Some include lesson plans. (Once a teacher, always a teacher!) If you would like more lesson plans than below, you can find a wealth on Google. Here a just a couple:

There are video's on you tube that are darling with children acting out the story! There is also a scholastic video located there as well.
See you on the couch!

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