Sunday, April 10, 2011

Excuse Me! Lisa Kopelke

Be prepared for gobs of glorious gaseous gluttonies in this goofy comedy of bad manners! 

Excuse Me is laugh-out-loud funny! The topic might be a bit yucky but not too gross or disgusting. It is right up there with Walter the Farting Dog by William Kotzwinkle. 
The plot is simple.Frog has a gift and love for burping. Little does he know that he is grossing out everyone nor does he see what the big deal is about burping. The people of his town have had enough and send him up the river. Banished to where other frogs are just as gross if not worse. Frog finally realizes that his behavior is rude and down right disgusting. He grows tired of living with others that do not say excuse me. He misses his home and friends. So Frog develops a plan to sneak home.
The books illustrations are wonderful. I love how each frog depicted in the story has their own simple characteristics; for example the mayor wears a sash, while his wife wears pearls. :0)
Lisa's next book is on the wonderful topic on boogies, in Tissue Please
Luck for us her third book, The Younger Brother's Survival Guide addresses how to get along with your older sister. I am looking forward to reading both of these with the kids. Joseph thinks sneezing is the funniest thing in the world. I am sure he will enjoy Tissue Please. Emily wants to read YBSG. She thinks it might help her with her older sisters! :0)

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