Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Love Cat!

If you’re a face book friend of mine, you know I love cats! I am one of THOSE people that post animals on their face book page. But here the thing is, I DO love cats! We have 3 running our house as we speak: A teeny tiny little girl with 1/2 a tail named Lexi’, Her big ol' boy Widget who has one of the longest tails I have ever seen, and finally we have shy, timid yellow tabby I named Hugo but belongs to my husband. He found him and the cat bonded with him and him alone.
Did I mention that my son loves cats? Whenever he sees one he always says, “Aw, There’s a kitty!” No matter how big or small! So when I saw I love Cats, I could soo hear him in my head…”Aw, there’s a kitty!” So of course I had to add this book to our read aloud collect!
Another thing that caught my eye was the sweet illustration on the cover. Joseph loved looking at each of the pages and I Love Cats really held his attention. A feat in its self some days! His favorite page:
Cats in your pocket,
Cats in the drawer.

Do feel the need to stop and interject with you. For some reason our son loves to put cats in drawers! Especially when their little kitties! They are too little to understand that Joseph loves them until the meow! Then it is off to the drawer. Autism is a strange thing my dears! He never means them any harm nor has ever been harmed!

Joseph loved every time a passage in the book it read:

Cats, Cats, cats! I love cats!