Wednesday, May 4, 2011

This week is National Children's Book week,,,what are you reading?

Fire truck Joseph created in Lego Class.
 Joseph is a huge fireman fan. Everyday on our way to Joseph's school we pass the Lynnwood Fire Station. The fire station is huge. It houses 8 fire trucks including a ladder truck and EMS vehicles. When the trucks are outside Joseph gets so excited to see them! His class recently went on a field trip to the fire station. Joseph was beside himself the whole time. :0)
I bet you can imagine the excitement when I read Fire Fighters A to Z to Joseph! He loved the large pages and the beautiful illustration. We have read it numerous times and has become a bedtime companion. The book we have been reading has been borrowed from the library. Something tells me that I might be making an amazon purchase! I hope the fireman in your family enjoys Fire fighters A to Z as much as we have.

What an awesome bookFireman A to Z tells the story of firefighters leaving the fire station to
arriving and fighting the fire, and then returning home, all one alphabet letter at a time. In case you're wondering, X is for eXtinguished.

Along the way, tools and techniques of the trade are mentioned in simple single sentences. For example:
  • "H is for hoses and hydrants we need."
  • "L is for ladders that rise several floors."
  • "K is for K-tool to open locked doors."
Chris Demarest, a professional illustrator, took his young son, Ethan, to a fire station open house. Ethan was smitten with the trucks, and Chris committed to becoming a fully-trained volunteer firefighter in his small community in New Hampshire. He then wrote and illustrated this alphabet-style book to show what firefighting is really like. It's exciting, and it's dangerous, and it takes skill and professionalism and dedication. And this book is exciting, it's professional, it's entertaining, and it's educational. Demarest's illustrations are bright and colorful and full of action. 

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