Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pete's A Pizza, William Steig

Oh if ever there was a little boy who could wish nothing but unlimited pizza, it would be my son Joseph. :0) He would eat pizza morning, noon, night as well as for snack. It is no wonder that Pete's A Pizza is considered a classic at our house. Joseph also loves to watch the video on you tube.

Pete's A Pizza is a delightful story about a little boy named....Pete!
 Poor Pete.  He’s having a bad day. But his father knows just what to do to cheer up his son.  Dad sets Pete down on a kitchen table, starts kneading him like dough, stretches him out, and tosses him back and forth with his mother. Then Dad begins to cover him in pizza ingredients. Although he pretends to pour on oil and flour, these substances are really water and talcum powder. Checkers come out next, substituting for tomatoes, and already Pete can’t control his giggling. Kids will be laughing long before then. Eventually, Pete the Pizza runs away, gets hugged, and heads out to play with his friends, happy at last. 
The story, accompanied by Steig’s watercolor and ink illustrations, is perfectly paced. Even the layout of the text, set in capital letters, makes it look like a printed recipe. Pete's A Pizza is an easy read for independent readers or make a great group or family read. Don't forget the pizza!
See you on the couch~

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